Books, books, books

I was thinking today, how I should start this blog. Talk about books in general? Or maybe something about my life? How about both?

I looooveeee reading.

I think you guessed that already 😉

I have learnt how to read when I was 4 years old and never stop doing so since. However, my parents says that at first I learnt by heart some parts of stories they read aloud over and over and pretend that I can read.

When I was in pre-school, which in Poland was called class “0” (zero!!!), my teacher asked me if the kids were giving me any trouble. Was I okay with other kids in my class? Puzzled, I answer that I am okey, and the kids are fine, I already have a few friends. Why asking? She answered that she was worried about me, because while other children play together on the carpet in the middle of large room, I was sitting quietly at the table, reading a book. Oh, I said, that’s because I really wanted to read this book. Besides, I am not going to fight with the girls over silly doll. (We just have got new big baby dolls, but there was only 2 of those for each class).

The teacher never mention it again and let me read my books at the table when I got bored playing with children.


That’s just for a start 😉


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