I live abroad for 7 years already. My English is quite good, I know, but only in speech (although I still have silly polish-irish accent). It doesn’t mean that my writing is very bad. Nothing like that. It’s just… I need to improve in this subject. I think that my writing skills are not good enough. And if I want to do, what I want to do in the future (sorry, about those secrets, but it’s too early to give out details).

I started to read books in English about 4 years ago (I think) and to be honest, I read more in this language then in my native one – Polish 😉 Sometimes I even write book reviews in English but… here’s the problem: until today I was not confident enough to post it for other people to see. But I decided: that’s enough, Young(ish) Lady! You’re going to have to show off, if you want to learn how to write properly. And that’s how I created another blog. Here, I am going to write about book (YES!) but not only. Whatever subject comes in to my mind.



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