Brand New Year

I came back about an hour ago from the meeting with the Advisor. That went well, Jill was lovely and very helpful. I told her about my ideas, she told me what she can do to help me. Build up with her support and advice, I went to two other places.

First to get application form for Essential Skills Course in Maths and English (it is required in most places, just a thing I should do to make my life easier). Unfortunately, both courses have already started few days ago, so I might need to wait until January to re-apply (I send email with enquiry anyway). Then I went to ask nice lady in the place near my home, if I could be a volunteer over there. Unfortunately (AGAIN!), the answer was “No”, because it is a public institution and their policy does not allow volunteers L She also advised me to try again in January, because their policy might change about that time. Or try in the city centre, because one of the similar institutions over there is private so they might take me in.

Well, the path of career I choose, is not the easiest one. But who said it’s going to be easy?

Life is never easy. I just have to work harder. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. That I need to clear out all my health problems at first, and only then start the career I choose. In January 🙂


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