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Dictionary (1) „Episodes Before Thirty” A. Blackwood


Words I learned while reading “Episodes Before Thirty” A. Blackwood.




arduous – difficult, needing a lot of effort and energy (PL – ciężki, żmudny, mozolny) “Days were long and arduous.”

attenuate – to make something smaller, thinner, or weaker (PL – wychudzony) “His attenuated body, and long thin fingers, his shabby clothes covered with white dust lying by my side under the stars, his eyes looking beyond the world, and the sound of his thin voice that lost half its words somewhere in the wind—the picture is complete in every detail in my mind to this day.”

cogent – describes an argument or reason, etc. that is clearly expressed and persuades people to believe it (PL – przekonujący) “Nothing he said, though much of it was cogent and unanswerable, ever influenced my opinions in the least degree, because I felt he was fundamentally wrong, and was trying to find by scalpel and microscope the things of the spirit.”

expatiate – to speak or write about something in great detail or for a long time (PL – rozwodzić się nad czymś) “He had many pet theories or hobbies on which he loved to expatiate.”

extemporizing – to speak or perform without any preparation or thought (PL – improwizować) “Raff’s “Cavatina” was tolerated, the “Berçeuse” from “Jocelyn” enjoyed, but the popular songs of the day, Louis extemporizing all accompaniments with his perfect touch, it was these that were good for “business.”

felon – a person who is guilty of a serious crime (PL – zbrodniarz, przestępca) “When I come out I shall be too old for the army, and what else can a felon, a criminal, a convict do?”

fusillade – a large number of bullets fired at the same time or one after another very quickly (PL – strzelanina, ostrzał) “Then suddenly the fusillade began—and up went the reporters’ umbrellas!”

humbug – dishonest talk, writing, or behaviour that is intended to deceive people (PL – oszustwo, blaga) “There was no humbug about her.”

larceny – stealing, especially (in the US) the crime of taking something that does not belong to you, without illegally entering a building to do so (PL – kradzież, złodziejstwo) “If you come quietly at once it’s only petit larceny —stealing the money. Otherwise it’s forgery.”

propinquity – the fact of being near something (PL – bliskość, sąsiedztwo, pokrewieństwo) “Will what small sense of decency and honour I have left be utterly destroyed and made callous by propinquity with other criminals?”

supercilious – behaving as if you are better than other people, and that their opinions, beliefs, or ideas are not important (PL – wyniosły, zarozumiały) “He was unpleasant, supercilious, patronizing and off-hand, proud of his editorial power.

to subpoena – to order someone to go to a law court to answer questions (PL – wezwać do sądu) “My small hopes were dashed away on hearing that you had been subpoenaed to go before the Grand Jury this morning.”

vexation – worry or anger (PL – udręka, utrapienie) “Later we were to discover things that were to prove a source of endless trouble and vexation of spirit to us both—daily worries we both learned to dread.”

wondrous – extremely and surprisingly good (PL – niezwykły, cudowny) “How anybody in possession of ordinary faculties could look, say, at the night sky of stars, and not know the wondrous flood of divine curiosity about his own personal relation to the universe drench his being—this never ceased to perplex me.”