A handful of personal thoughts

My headache is not giving up. It’s been very long since I felt pain-free. But against the odds I am not giving up hope that one day someone will help me fight it. Since I am hardly able to work I spend more time at home (very seldom do 6-hour work shifts, when I have a better day). But I refuse to lie down and do nothing (however, sometimes I have no choice). If I completely stop being active I would probably be dead by now. Boredom would kill me 😉

I read a lot, I write my thoughts whenever I feel good enough to sit at the desk. I do house chores, grocery shopping and even paint our apartment. I meet my friends every now and again, but to be honest, my best friends are my books nowadays. They never get offended when I put them away and także a nap to ease the pain 😉 They keep me sane, occupy my thoughts, and exercise my brain.


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