I have my own/private mad scientist in the house which means I should take advantage of it. I often ask him to decapitate me, as my head sometimes hurts so much I prefer a quick death then suffering. (I am only joking of course) He always refuses, saying he doesn’t love me that much to go to jail for life. (Or he just can’t bear thought of living without me ;)) So I started tormenting him to print me out a new brain. And finally, he did!

Ladies and gentlemen! Here’s my new brain! Freshly printed 🙂

He did that with 3D printer that he built and programmed himself and it is made of white plastic material. However it is small, as you can see on next photo, and also it is only a half-brain but I will not complain as it’s all I have got after months of torturing my poor fiancé. One of my friends says that my head hurts because my brain swells from reading too much – maybe smaller brain is a solution 😉

Now. The problem is how to install it in my scull… Any suggestions?


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