Not again, Lola!

Hello, Autumn!


I hate it when autumn comes and it gets very cold outside. I hate the rain that blinds you when you try to reach your destination and the strong wind pushing against you. And that it is getting dark so early and a dark mornings.

But what I love about it, is that I can wear my cosy “boots-slippers” and high Martens style boots. I can wrap myself up in one of my hundreds of scarfs. Don’t need an excuse to get comfortable on the sofa under blanket and read my books in a company of hot coffee.

Autumn came to Belfast very late (I am not complaining!). Only few days ago it was sunny and dry and I could wear my favourite sport sandals (good choice for someone who sprained ankle at the end of August ;)) Last night there was weather warning issued for Northern Ireland and I have to admit that the wind was a bit scary. I imagined that the lamppost that stays in front of our big window is going to fall into our living room. I could picture the wind blow it in the middle of the night, waking us up with noise of shuddered glass and hurricane trapped in the room.

But it didn’t. (That sound a bit disappointing, but actually, I was glad it didn’t happen)

It was just my silly mind projecting those scary pictures just before I fall asleep. Sometimes I envy people that lack imagination, they are much more calm and don’t need to worry about non existing problems. And then I think… nah, that way would be no fun 😉