Not again, Lola!

Lights in the Tunnel ;)


For being currently unemployed, I am a very busy woman. So busy, that I haven’t got much time to write blogs recently. The good thing is that there are a few bright lights for me in the tunnel.

First of all, I finally received place for physiotherapy. Yay! There is a hope that my headaches will go away in a few weeks (or at least, stop bothering me so often). Because they couldn’t give me any help in Belfast (I had to chase waiting list, as I have been on it since June), they have send me to Culloden Hotel and Spa in Cultra, about 10 km from where I live. The place is absolutely stunning. Take a look yourself: And the staff was lovely and very helpful.

Just beside the Spa there is a Folk & Transport Museum, which is huuuuge, so we haven’t seen everything, but just enough to enjoy our wee trip. I will try to write few words about it next week, when I transfer all the pictures on the computer. Here’s just one taken with phone. Cute little houses as a teaser 😉


The second good thing is that I was accepted as a volunteer in a library. Yay again! 😉 It is a very small library in St. Anne’s Cathedral that contains mostly Christian books, psalms, Bibles and some rare ones. But at the moment it is enough for me. It is a start. I am going to learn how to catalogue books, which is the most important.

So… now I can tell you all, what is my secret plan. I want to work as a librarian (surprise, surprise ;). For a start J I might need to go to the University (again!) but not necessarily. We will see how it goes. Then, in the future I would like to open my own Library or Bookshop. Or both. Or coffeehouse with bookshop. I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, that is something that I want to do in life. We’ll see where it all takes me J