Day 1

Yes! First day of voluntary job in Cathedral Library, and I already know, this was a right choice.

I walk through the city centre in lashing rain, thinking what I am going to do today. I was meant to meet Gemma, an intern from Queen’s University and learn more about the library I am going to work in. When I got to my destination I was completely soaked but smiling. Gemma appeared to be a lovely girl with passion for history and books and we spend about 40 minutes talking about our interests and what still needs to be done in the library. Rev. Janice thanks to who I got this voluntary position, was also there today. She is a very nice person, very helpful and open to any new ideas.

Then I was left to myself and started work. I loved that I was given free rein. I can come and go whenever I want to. Rev. Janice does not need to be there for me, I can ask anybody at the office to open library for me. I was given folders with catalogues that Gemma and another intern (whom I have not met yet) created from scratch. I was told that I can change anything in there if I think the change is reasonable or more suitable and don’t need to ask anybody’s permission. Eventually leave note for others to know. If I need help with anything I can simply email them or phone Rev. Janice.


When I got a bit more familiar with the catalogue, I started putting books in alphabetical order. Just 4 shelves that contained History of Christianity but… oh my God! I did not expect to find so many interesting books in a small church library! Half of them I wanted to take home or start reading immediately. My head was banging but I got so lost in my work I pretended that I cannot notice it (which was not easy, believe me). But when you do what you really love, you push yourself harder and harder. It wouldn’t happen if I was doing something boring, of course. I really enjoyed myself and completely forgot that I told my fiancé that I will probably leave around 1 pm. It was 2.20 when I phoned him on my way out, telling him excitedly about today’s task. He was pleased that I finally found something what can be my future career and can bring me joy at the same time.


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