Not again, Lola!

“Fault in our Stars” – some thoughts about the movie


Have you read „Fault in our stars” (2012) by John Green?

I have, and I loved it. It’s the most beautiful love story for young readers that I have read in last few years. It’s funny, it’s romantic, it’s touching. It’s a story of teenagers that are ill of cancer, fighting it and not giving up. Ever! It is a story of bravery, teenage love, love for literature. Book that is dedicated to a young people, but an adult may enjoy it too.

When it comes to the movie… – forget what I just wrote above – it is nothing like that.

The movie “Fault in our Stars”, directed by Josh Boone has been released in USA in June 2014. The main character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is 16, is played by 23 year old actress Shailene Woodley. That’s 7 years older! I know, it is very common in the movies to cast actors much older then their book prototype, but c’mon, for me she looks 30 in this movie. What about make-up etc.? They could have make her look younger. But no! Instead they made her look tanned, nice and healthy. Did I mention, that the girl is recovering from cancer, has problem breathing and takes loads of medications?

But she isn’t bad actress, and she is pretty too. It just took me a while to get over her old and healthy look and her real age too 😉

Unfortunately things worsen when it comes to Gus

Augustus Waters played by Ansel Elgort is a huge mistake. He is arrogant, annoying, upstage. He’s just an idiot put in that role by someone who did not read the book. And he isn’t even handsome! He may be better in other movies (I don’t know, never seen any) but I really, really didn’t like him in “Fault in our stars”. He’s acting was bad and he was totally put out of prime character.


I really loved Augustus from the book so this was a huge disappointment.

Gus with unlit cigarette in his mouth – in a book it meant something, in the movie it looked idiotic and had nothing to do with metaphor. “Okay – Okay” was just a silly repeating words.

When it comes to the plot, it is very alike the storyline in the book so I was quite happy about that. I liked the trip to Amsterdam, their get together, romantic walks etc. But really hate the kissing scene at the top of Anne Frank Museum, when people clap their hands at the sight of kissing teenagers – who does that?

However I am not sure what to think about Peter van Houten (played by Willem Defoe). I liked him strongly (despite his disgusting behaviour). But did I really? Maybe I was suggested he was good because of great and famous actor?  It happens sometimes.

Oh, and Isaac! Almost forgot about him!  – Gus’s best friend, who had lost sight because of cancer, was the best secondary character in the novel. In the movie? – he was… nobody. Yes, he was there (played by Nat Wolff), but he was hardly noticed and might as well not exist. It’s a shame, because John Green gave him such a great role. He was a gay with character, he was funny and smart, and faithful. Why did they made him so shallow? What a pity – he was my favourite person created by John Green.

There was one scene that I really enjoyed – it was the one with an eggs that blind Isaac is throwing at his ex-girlfriend car.

In conclusion: the book is definitely better than the movie. There’s no doubt about that.

Don’t forget, those are just my own subjective thoughts. If you liked the movie, that’s okay, you just notice different things, seek other values or don’t get as easy annoyed by some books adaptations like I do 😉 I just needed to tell you how much I didn’t like it despite me crying like a baby on one or two scenes 😉